Behind The Tracks: Nicholas Ross - Unwound (Single) (2023)

When Nicholas wrote 'Notes From A Ghost' he envisioned it as the start of a new chapter for his music. 'Unwound' continues to demonstrate his love for progressive metal and heavy music while incorporating more ambient and electronic elements. The song is unrelenting at only a minute long packed with crushing riffs and a blistering solo. The track rapidly developed as synthesizers, layers, and additional instruments filled the space in the mix unwinding the structure of the song. Heavier than 'Notes From A Ghost', 'Unwound' sets the tone for the rest of Nicholas' releases with its combination of djent and death metal-influenced musicianship.

'Unwound' is the second of 3 singles released this year before Nicholas announces his next EP.

'Unwound' releases on April 7th, 2023 on streaming services.

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