Behind The Tracks: Of The Fallen - Harlots (Single) (2023)

Harlots have a lot to do with giving into one's deepest desires and the consequences that can come along with indulgence. Also, the song is a small piece of a larger story that we are telling through a collection of singles. It tells of a Demonic succubus who was sent to entice a vessel into allowing her to possess him with the soul of her past lover so he can find a vessel for her to eventually possess and be reunited on earth. She prays on the main character's weakness of infidelity and traps him under her spell and an orgy of other demonic souls paralyzing him and allowing the possession and soul transfer to take place. All of our current releases and some not yet released are a part of this one-story arch that Wayne and myself came up with during the days of the old lineup when we were under a different name, Echos of the Descent. Long before any of the current members, except Wayne and me were in the band. The song was not released in chronological order. We wanted to see if the listeners could figure out the connection between these songs and how they would interpret the storyline. So far we have Servitude which is essentially the setting for the story to take place. Aeons are kind of like the ending of the story which includes and overall summary of the events that took place. Lamentations were the back story of the main character and give reason as to why he was the chosen one in the story. Harlots is the possession and start of the main conflict.

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