Interviews About Albums: Among Vultures - Follow Blindly (2023)

In this new interview, we sat down with the Swiss Blackened Hardcore/Death Metal band Among Vultures to ask some questions about their latest album "Follow Blindly"

1. What can you say about this new EP/CD?

We are happy to see it finally come out. We composed during the pandemic and it was not easy to keep all the good ideas together, we wanted to add some new stuff to our songs and it seems like the logical next step after our album "Among Vultures".

2. What is the meaning of the EP/CD name?

"Follow blindly" sums up pretty much everything that we can notice in our society. We all follow blindly whatever it is. Again, during the pandemic, we could see how divided the people were and how hard they were (we were) on the others who did not think the same of them. Sometimes, we do not have much of a choice but to follow blindly, some other times, we had better look up details, info, and so on in order to take better decisions or just be more aware of some matters.

3. Which one is the composer of the CD/EP?

The first ideas come from the guitarist, Edmond, and then each member of the band gives his opinion and ideas and we build up a song together.

4. If you had to pick one song, which one would you pick?

"Follow blindly", this song summarizes everything that we love in our music with even some new vocal styles added to the heaviest.

5. Is there a special message in this EP/CD? If there is what it is?

Not especially, our singer writes the lyrics based on what the melody or atmosphere of the song could bring to his mind. Then, everybody can find a message in the lyrics or between the lines. It is so personal and different from the understanding of one person to another that we prefer to let the people who listen to our songs choose what the message could be for them.

6. Are there some lyrics that you'd love to share?

"Evolution is an illusion, a fiction" from the song "Answers". We love to see science evolve and bring new hope for many types of improvement. Sometimes, we are forced to see that we hope for a quick evolution and nothing or very less happens. We also invent stuff that we think will help us do better or easier but in the end, we just use it in the wrong way for the wrong purpose.

7. Which inspirations have been important for this album? Like musically or friends, family, someone you'd love to thank especially?

We realize that we are friends and happy to share good moments together, this is important to have fun first and for the EP, we had fun during a tough period of time for everyone.

8. Something to add?

We love many different kinds of music and we hope the people like our music too :) We do it this way because we love it, hopefully we can share the vibe.

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