Tracks By Tracks: Feed After Midnite - The Hunger (2023)

1. Shadows of the Night:

This is an instrumental intro. This track features an eerie almost haunting acoustic guitar line which slowly builds into an epic almost cinematic-sounding theme. The track finishes with a cymbal swell that leads nicely into the second track for a cool effect.

2. False Awakening:

Is based on the films The Matrix and John Carpenter’s They Live. It’s how life and society are ruled by the media and government and their narrative and we the people are tired of being controlled and lied to.

Musically “False Awakening” is the fastest most aggressive song on the EP. It starts off sounding old-school Slayeresque but quickly shifts into a headbang-inducing double bass groove. Just when you think you have heard the heaviest the song can get the breakdown kicks in mid-song and takes it to another level. The song finishes off with the breakdown commanding us all to “disobey, it’s time to f*ck the system!”

3. Red Dead:

It's about the choices we make in life and the outcome of choosing our paths. Not letting revenge take control sort a good and evil thing.

Musically, this one starts off sounding like doom metal but quickly transforms into a catchy groove metal tune. The breakdown mid-song goes back to the doom metal style then we get another dose of the catchy chorus before we are led out with a cool variation of the doomy riff.

4. Ascending the Flames:

Is all about your trip to hell and meeting the big red guy. There’s no escape from your life/crime/tyranny on the good people of earth.

Musically, this one is all built on a catchy drum beat that persists throughout the tune.

The chorus kicks in with a heavy lurching halftime feel that commands you to bob your head! The breakdown on this one mid-song is pure metalcore gold, with pounding double bass, and tasty guitar work to match and it all climaxes in a beautifully executed drum fill to bring us back to the chorus one last time.

5. Book of the Fallen:

Influenced by the movies Dawn of the Dead/Evil Dead. Being fans of retro horror movies it was more of a fun song about controlling the undead/ But also that it's not because something is written that it means it's the truth.

Musically, this one starts off with the sounds of the undead before a tasty halftime groove kicks in. This one takes you for a ride with unexpected stops, catchy verses, and an even catchier chorus! The breakdown that comes mid-song is so tasty. Just as the song seems like it’s climaxing, it stops and you think it’s done but it comes back to the original groove but this time the deluxe version with zombies and piano and tasty stuff going on everywhere it is so damn satisfying you have to listen to it multiple times to soak it all in, we promise!

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