Band Biographies: Immortal Guardian

Founded by guitar/keyboardist Gabriel Guardian founded the band in their southern hometown of Harlingen, Texas, the group has gone through several lineup changes before reaching its current incarnation. In 2012 Carlos Zema joined the band from Brazil to the US for a short stint with OUTWORLD following his previous Brazilian projects, VOUGAN, and HEAVEN’S GUARDIAN. Together, they brought to life the EP albums: Super Metal, Revolution Part I, Then the acclaimed full length: "Age Of Revolution", with Justin Piedimonte joining the drums in 2019, and Joshua Lopez joining as the bass player and producer in 2020, the band produces their most amazing full length of the band so far: "Psychosomatic", an album written about the pandemic and during the pandemic of 2020. Take a Mexican-American metal virtuoso that shreds guitar and keyboards AT THE SAME TIME, a stellar vocalist from Brazil that’s literally been brought back from death, add a bassist who doubles as a top-of-the-line studio engineer, and round it out with a newly discovered drum talent from Montreal, Canada... That, in a nutshell, makes up the metal quartet which is IMMORTAL GUARDIAN. Known for their signature “Super Metal” sound that spans the metal gamut from progressive to power and tech-death to symphonic shred, it’s their LIVE show that's truly claimed their stake in the metal scene. Whether it be on tour with Marty Friedman, performing overseas in Brazil or Russia, or even at events such as SXSW and the X Games riding around on their infamous moving stage dubbed the “Shred Sled”, one certain thing can be said about the band… THEY WILL MELT YOUR FACE.

Immortal Guardian and their eternal quest to “spread the shred” has landed the band on national and international tours including a headlining Brazilian tour and several dates in Russia. Immortal Guardian has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in metal such as Judas Priest, Dragonforce, Kamelot, Symphony X, Sonata Arctica, Slayer, Metal Church, Soilwork, Steve Vai, and others. The band has also made a name for themselves as a DIY guerilla marketing machine via their Immortal Guardian Shred Sled, a mobile metal show on wheels, which has been covered by and other media outlets while out at major music festivals such as South By Southwest, Fun Fun Fun Fest, and River City Rockfest. They are gearing up for a busy 2020 and kicking it off with a 36-date North American tour as direct support for Powerglove with other runs soon to be announced.

IMMORTAL GUARDIAN’s discography consists of the original “Super Metal: Edition Z”. The band continued performing around Texas and even did a 2-week tour in Brazil in 2014 before the release of their 2nd EP, “Revolution Part I”. For Revolution Part I, legendary producer/engineer Roy Z was brought into the mix to give the tracks a unique sound that evoked the NWOBHM stylings heard in his high-profile clients such as Judas Priest and Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson. “Roy completely molded the band's sound in the recordings...” states frontman Carlos Zema, “...It went from water to wine.” The record was well received and served as the prequel to the band’s 3rd CD, this time a full-length album: “Age of Revolution”. Immortal Guardian’s “Age of Revolution” was released in September of 2018 via M-Theory Audio, a label founded by previous Century Media President, Marco Barbieri. The band did a cross-country tour with Exmortus in support of the new album as part of their “September Steel” Tour. And a second US national tour, with the legend: Marty Friedman, The Album received stellar reviews from metal blogs around the globe... As the band releases their second full-length album with M-Theory, called: "Psychosomatic", the band has already beat the records of streams with their 2 first singles, "Read Between The Lines" and "Lockdown".

Age of Revolution was released on limited edition vinyl in January 2019 before their US tour as direct support for shred legend Marty Friedman. The band is currently writing and recording their upcoming album and looking toward a summer 2020 release date. We look forward to seeing you on the road! Until then, stay up to date with the band by following IMMORTAL GUARDIAN online!

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