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For nearly 30 years, Amsterdam-based instrumentalists KONG approached music in their very own way. Not only do they steer away from the mainstream; they’ll simply go against any stream in which they may find themselves. Even a seven-year break and several line-up changes did not noteworthy affect their authentic, eclectic, instrumental music marked by metal riffs, samples, and synths laid down on a solid base of grooving rhythms and layered soundscapes. This results in an exciting and timeless blend of (prog)metal, dance, industrial, and stoner which has placed KONG firmly in the hearts and minds of generations of alternative music lovers.

KONG’s signature sound could already be heard on their debut album ‘Mute Poet Vocalizer’ (1990) and found its definitive form on ‘Phlegm’ (1992), from which the track ‘Stockhouse’ and the accompanying music video became oft-played on alternative radio and TV stations. Since then the band has kept on pushing further, with every following album showcasing more intricate songwriting and ever-expanding sound collages. With the release of ‘Phlegmatism’ (2019), KONG briefly reflected on their past which might have been an inspiration for their new album. ‘Traders of Truth’, released on March 3rd, 2023 is a trip through KONG’s musical landscapes and combines old-school power & groove with modern-day musicianship and state-of-the-art production. The album was recorded over a period of 2,5 years in several locations in The Netherlands and was mixed in Norway by Dag Erik Nygaard. Distribution and promotion is being done by Suburban Distribution.

KONG’s music is best appreciated in a ‘quadraphonic’ live setting, with each band member on a separate stage and the audience in the middle. This concept combined with the hypnotic music and extensive light show guarantees an intense experience. If required, performing on a single stage is also an option, in that case, elaborate video projections give the concert an extra visual dimension.


Mark Drillich – bass, electronics
Tijs Keverkamp – guitars
David Kox – guitars, electronics
Oscar Alblas – drums, percussion

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