Band Biographies: Memoira

Memoira is a symphonic metal band from Finland formed in 2007. Known for its big atmospheric and epic sound, Memoira combines dynamic melodic metal and symphonic ethereal orchestrations into one, consistent flow of storytelling.

The biggest asset for the band is believed to be the vocalist Annika Jalkanen and her beautiful and charismatic voice. The founder of the band Lassi Nuolivaara can be found behind the keyboards and piano and Serdar Ilter is responsible for all the guitars. The rhythm section consists of the low-end frequencies of Niko Laaksonen on bass and the clockwork precision of Kimmo Puhakka on drums.

On its 15-year journey, the band has released three albums worldwide (Memoira 2007, Memories/Tragedies/Masquerades 2013, and Carnival Of Creation 2020) and four newer singles (Phoenix 2021, Coupe Du Graal 2021, Phantom Insomnium 2022, and Autumn's Heart 2022) which all have received a strong amount of streams on Spotify.

Memoira has monthly listeners in over 100 countries worldwide. With an ever-growing audience, Memoira has made its mark, proving that they belong to the same stellar sea with such bands as Nightwish, Kamelot, Within Temptation, and Delain.

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