Band Biographies: Signs Preyer

Signs Preyer formed in 2005, the band originally consisted of Corrado "Ghode" Giuliano (Lead Guitar and Vocals), Giacomo "Mapo" Alessandro (Drums), Andrea "Viktor" Vecchione Cardini (Bass), and Enrico Pietrantozzi (Rhythm Guitar). Before long they began writing songs of their own trying to express both their intentions and thoughts, although still somewhat immature and raw. Live concerts started soon after and Signs Preyer played tracks that would later become part of their first self-titled album: Signs Preyer (2013). Their debut album received great reviews and their public grew bigger. After their first tour abroad, in Croatia, the band actualized the positive experience turning it into energy. That energy was then used to write their second album, challenging themselves to a much more aggressive, rough, and "in your face" style. Mammoth Disorder was released in 2015 and thanks to it, the two following tours and many opening acts to internationally acclaimed artists such as Corrosion of Conformity, Dave Lombardo, Helmet, T.M. Stevens, Paul Di Anno, Lafaro, Killing Touch, and many others, their public grew even bigger. At the threshold of a long tour in Eastern Europe Enrico left the band due to personal issues. The other three (Corrado, Andrea, and Giacomo) decided to not replace him to preserve their integrity, and so from a quartet became a Trio. The first major work was to rearrange the two albums with a single guitar. After a couple of months Sings Preyer started playing live again but a bit less frequently since they were already working on a new project that could express their newfound image and sound.

An identity crisis, significant losses, and personal matters tried to mine the band and it was only in 2018 that they were back in the studio to start their new album. The main stylistic approach was to record live except for the vocals and some guitar enhancements. Finding the right sound was long and exhausting, but everything seemed to work out well in the end. Recordings were suspended during the pandemic as they could hardly meet each other, but those few times at the rehearsal each one of them brought new insights and suggestions for the tracks. The band returned to the studio but the second pandemic wave blocked everything once again, and so back at home mood lets began to flow becoming one with the songs. The album was recorded for the third and last time with their dichotomic and trichotomic, yet somehow coexisting, thoughts rapidly falling into a loop, an Ouroborous of creation and dissolution. Lyrics were subsequentially changed to reflect the musician's new inner selves. Fate itself decided the name of the album: it was the third one, written as a trio, recorded and hindered three times and it depicts three different intrapsychic statuses. The topics covered are many and all different: fear, joy, anger, loathe, and sadness, all subdued by a dualistic dimensional loop in which they crave an unknowable threefold one in order to escape. And so Signs Preyer III was born, and in this new sliding door that number is the Sky, the Earth, and "Duat", the interconnectedness of all things and of the three members of the band.

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