Behind The Artworks: Signs Preyer - III (2023)

The Artwork is the brainchild of the band and our crew. As you can read in our bio we had to stop for about 3 years. This long break inspired Damiano Bellocchio aka Maddam (artist and illustrator), Andrea Carboni (digital artist and graphic designer), and Maurizio Bravi (art director) the creation of our logo as if it was thawing. You may be wondering: “why the outer space?”. The answer is easier than it seems, the album itself is a journey into the limitless emotions of the human being and the infinite weaves and plots in life. A perilous journey as is space travel (astronomy is also one of Corrado’s passions), where the spaceship is the mammoth’s skull, our logo. I dare say that our artistic crew managed to fully grasp the message we wanted to communicate.
P.S. There are many easter eggs in the cover.

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