Behind The Scenes: THE SLIME - Real Garbage (Official Video)

After being sealed up in the basement all winter, festering in our own goo, the boys were ready for a little Spring Fling. It also happened to be the day Michael Crusty was coming over to film our video for Real Garbage. The bubbly wine was flowing as usual and we were quickly joined by number one and two slimers Shorty and Ryan Palehorse. Crusty did a great job harnessing the chaos. When Al Nolan from Cursed Blessings showed up we had to get the hockey sticks out and work on our slapshots. Thankfully Ryan was a willing victim and played goalie…unfortunately him taking a few shots off the dome didn’t make it into the final cut. An afternoon well spent and a final product that captures the vibe of a typical day at the Punkubator. The Slime rises to the Top!

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