Behind The Tracks: DON'T SLEEP - Promise Made (Single) (2023)

"We believe in the promise made -- keep in mind the promise made!" This is a song about hardcore and growing up in this music, one that is much more than just notes -- hardcore means taking care of each other, and trying to make things better, one day at a time, against all odds, starting with ourselves. As a line in the song says: "It shaped me, and it shaped you!" Chances are if you are reading these words, you are a hardcore lifer. That is awesome! It doesn't mean you have to listen to hc 24/7 -- although that is certainly cool too -- and there is huge value in other genres of music -- metal, reggae and ska, jazz, you name it, But for sure, punk rock and hardcore refined us, from putty into steel. This song is sort of the grown-up continuation to that idea, which is: we're still going. We believe in the promise made. In that way I guess it's kind of a love song to hardcore."

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