Behind The Tracks: exPorter - Lusitania (Single) (2023)

“Lusitania” is the current feature off of "NoBrakesNoBrakesNoBrakes" and was originally called Another Night. When COVID first hit, Destin and I were spending lockdown at our parents' house and it was like we were kids again. We would jam and play music all the time and we had a bunch of ideas for new songs and then started writing - again, just like we did when we were growing up.

I think it was the second song I wrote and liked and it really all started with me wanting to write a song with the word “inconceivable” in. The Princess Bride was a movie we always would watch and during COVID we played a ton of movies in the house cause what else were you going to do? We must have just watched it cause "inconceivable" was stuck in my head. Anyways, the song is about this relationship falling apart but also being saved by just being together or at least wanting to save it. Not exactly something that was occurring in my life at that moment, but it’s something I had felt before. The lyrics really just came to me once I started writing them and the story evolved from that.

When we first had a polished demo we sent it out to some of the stations that had played us before and a lot of them emailed back saying how much they liked it. When the album version was done we got it going for airplay and it hit 15 on the chart which has been our highest on the list. You look at the bands we’re on there with and it’s a pretty humbling sight. Speaking of humbling, Lusitania was included on the last “Indies Only” show by Monk at Alt 101.7 and on the Rodney Bingenheimer show – “The Underground Garage”. Monk was the first person to ever play us outside of California and he said some pretty cool things about it. With Rodney, we grew up in Southern California and Rodney on the Rock is a legend. Having those guys play our song around the same time is a really cool experience!

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