Behind The Tracks: Flavien - Apocalypse (Single) (2023)

«Apocalypse,» Flavien’s latest creation, is inspired by the famous tapestries of the Apocalypse of Angers, the destruction of the environment, and the end of the world caused by humans.

The lyrics, written in Tolkien’s Elvish language (Quenya), tell the story of a skeleton knight who spreads war, fires, famine, chaos, death and wishes to destroy and corrupt humans who freed him from the bowels of the Earth.

With his powerful and emotional voice, Flavien takes the listener on an apocalyptic journey into a medieval fantasy universe.

The lyrics video for the song “Apocalypse” is graphically inspired by the Angers Apocalypse Tapestry. We find there the skeleton horseman bringing on earth famine, fires, death, and the corruption of men. This skeleton rider is reworked to be used as a collar around the main human character. This highlights the destructive and corrupt side of the human character as if he were possessed by this skeleton horseman.

The human model is Alexandre the brother of Flavien (singer, author, producer, and director of the video). Alexandre embodies the villain of the story, the enemy of Flavien's character in his global universe. Video made by Flavien Peteul with AFter Effects, Photoshop, and Da Vinci Resolve.

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