Track By Tracks: Aneon - The Chaos Of Your Wake (2023)

The Chaos Of Your Wake is loosely based on cycles that individuals can go through concerning mental disorders. I wanted to craft something that could begin at track 1 and finish at track 8, but could also start at track 5 and finish at track 4. Each track tries to find a particular stage of grief/anger/hate/sorrow (take your pick) and mold those emotions into a sound. Many of the concepts I chose, especially concerning a lyrical matter, are replaceable with whatever the listener deems most appropriate which is why my descriptions will be fairly vague.

1. Awaken:

Awaken essentially is the story of something dormant that has been forced to wake up. The musical style is purposefully uncomplicated and straightforward to ease a listener into coming stylistic changes.

2. Crave The Forbidden:

A song largely about intrusive thoughts such as 'I should swerve into oncoming traffic' or 'let's try breathing underwater'. The first order of business for something recently awoken is to cause havoc or even chaos. The music is aggressive compared to the first track, implementing more melodic death-style riffs.

3. Death's Euphoria:

There are many secondhand stories of people who have committed suicide having pictures taken shortly before their passing showing smiles and semblances of normality. This track pays homage to that; a resolve to know that the end is near and even be happy about it. I used some metalcore-esque riffs to add something somewhat upbeat.

4. Figments of Immortality:

Not everyone who lives is destined to be remembered no matter how hard they try. This track features some of the heaviest segments of the album and the longer length allows various themes to play out.

5. The Chaos Of Your Wake:

At a second potential starting point, the idea that a cause of distress is presented. All the musical elements present in this track wholly represent most of my style. It has moody leads, tremolo sections, slow choruses, and fast verses, and sounds like how I envisioned the song title would sound.

6. Maelstrom Infernal:

A consistent theme of the album is insanity and the chaos it brings with it. This track acknowledges and represents living with those things. Expect heavy tremolo use and frequent changes to themes reminiscent of black metal.

7. A Desolate Reflection:

This track is about the moments of clarity one can have despite everything else being unfocused. A Desolate Reflection is a simple music but coupled with segments that sound much more complicated leads to an atmosphere fitting the title.

8. To Depravity I Succumb:

The end, or middle of the journey, acknowledges futility in many things. Musically, I went as low and high as I could with vocals to help demonstrate the peaks and valleys on a journey such as this.

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