Track By Tracks: The Casket Kids - SHI (2020)

SHI, Japanese meaning Ichi. What does ichi mean, ichi means one. What is the one sure thing in life? Death.

Track description:

1. It’s a good day to die:

It’s about the fact you could die at any second.

2. The dream:

literally about a messed up dream you had, the one where you’re running and you can’t escape what’s coming.

3. Spacebeast:

Remember those black-and-white sci-fi films where the planets are being invaded, that.

4. Stalking:

One of those ex’s you can’t get rid of.

5. Dead city ripper:

What if your hometown had a ripper, what’s in their head, and why.

6. Super satanic sorceress:

An attractive, satanic, maybe misunderstood, practitioner of sorcery.

7. Where wolves howl:

About lycanthropy, and a play on words.

8. Onward to violence:

About how life can tear you apart and there’s nothing you can do about it.

9. I killed em’ all:

A murderous young child.

10. Demons all dance:

Knowledge and not caring what anyone else thinks.

11. Vincent’s theme:

It’s a cover, ask Mourning Noise if it’s not obvious. Ha ha.

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