Track By Tracks: Endwalker - Endwalker (2023)

1. Everything is Meant to Be:

This track was created entirely by Javier, our guitarist. He wanted to write some kind of teaser for Circadian, so when he came up with this he built a more symphonic approach to the track, put it in some futuristic sounds, and made it pretty solid. In the end, it became an intro very well received on Spotify and ended up becoming the intro of the whole album.


Revenant was the first one I wrote, feeling that I’m doing it right. Before Endwalker there was another project, where I met Javier, and some instrumental songs were already written. So when I entered the other band I just tried to fill the vocal parts as the old vocalist does, but it didn't feel right. After writing some other lyrics, I found this song what I wanted to do. This one comes with my perception of why we blame others, is it our own fault? or is about accepting and overcoming the damage we have done and trying to fix it.

3. Light the Way:

As I said before, “Revenant” wasn’t the first lyric I wrote, it was Light the Way. At this time, I never wrote in this genre before, I came to the band with a strong influence of other bands of the genre like As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, Atreyu, and that kind of old metalcore school, so I tried to use this old school influences in this track. It became a song about finding yourself in the darkness and becoming your better self. Is a catchy song I think, and the instrumental doesn’t feel like modern metal in 2023, but we love the ending breakdown and it is really fun to play.

4. Prophet:

In this song, the entire lyric is the beginning of the narrative of the album. The album hides a story underneath, it is my own process/therapy of how to deal with a heavy breakup. When I wrote this one I was in a very painful moment. I was angry and upset about how I felt used and alone, so I wrote a song about how some people are false prophets, liars, and manipulators and how sometimes they fake being the victim of any situation.


This is almost the main theme of the album, this is a direct continuation of the story of “Prophet”. Circadian is the next step of the process, to accept that everything has been lost and somehow is a relief but it hurts, is the good medicine that tastes bad, a bittersweet track if you ask me. Although this song sounds beautiful, with a lot of ambient sections and beautiful clean voices. We decided to record our first video with this song, taking the opportunity to shoot with an actors/visuals producer company (Méltica Producciones), and we love the result, check it out on our Youtube channel!

6. Laurentians Eyes:

This is my favorite track of the album. It is about losing a friend, being betrayed, and seeing that all of this was warned. We sometimes play to be blinded by our own feelings. Is a long song, with some djent riffs and a variety of sounds from dark ambiances to an emotional passage in the middle. It was about to be one of the single releases, but then we decided to keep it for the album.

7. Pure Empathy:

“Pure Empathy” is about a person that is too good for a bad world, is about that person taking the decision to live as free as possible, as happy as they can. Maybe it is a song that we like less, it is hard to play, and strays from what we are building for the next album, but we decided to include it because we put a lot of energy into recording and learning it, and also everybody loves a fast song with breakdowns hahaha.

8. Hellseeker:

This is part of the “Circadian” story, it was written exactly when the person that dispatched you wanna come for more and it's simply too late for apologies. It was our third single, and we think is one of the most original sounds of the album with The Lighthouse. It presents a weird structure, but we think that the riffs, the voices, and the ambiances of this song are representatives of what the band is and how our sound is. Very groovy song, and we love to play it. We created our own visualizer with this song using 3D animation.

9. Speak in Tongues:

This one was the fastest lyric I ever wrote, ever. It is about faith and how people are manipulated by it, it has a strong Architects influence and was conceived as an answer for all those people that always think they are right. This song is the last one we wrote and recorded, written during the pandemic, and is one of the most aggressive. It was our second single, collaborating with Mike who produced the visualizer for this song.

10. The Lighthouse:

This song was inspired by the movie of the same title, an amazing movie, but it has my own personal story. It’s about my immigrant process and how I lost my father in the middle of the situation. This song speaks about how far I am from home and how sometimes I feel that I have failed my family by not being there when they most need me. It was our presentation letter, a weird song structure again with visuals created by Mike, and along with Hellseeker, is very representative of where we are going in our sound in the future.


The last song I wrote for this album is very personal. Bleach is about how I feel about my past and the constant struggle for what comes next in the future, about all the opportunities that I have lost along the way and the good things that came up despite my own negativity. Is a song that suffered a lot of changes, we added and removed things until we were happy with the result. Is hard to play too, but we are really proud of this song, although it has a lot of different parts and riffs. If some guitarist is reading this, in this song you will find a challenge to complete, ask us for the tabs if you want to try!


If you have read this far and listened to our songs, you found that usually we don’t write conventional songs. Our songs are long, and sometimes they have a weird structure or require listening to them more than once to understand everything. But what we are trying to do is to build songs that surprise and make you want to discover more. Thank you, Breathing The Core for having us on this track by track! We really appreciate this and hope to be here again soon!

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