Track By Tracks: Fury Of Five - Half Past Revenge (2023)

WxAxRx is an acronym for We Are Ready. The song is pretty much about us and who we are as a band — we are built for war and we take our craft seriously.

Feel The Reign is actually what it sounds like — we bring that Fury from the heart, and let you know where we are from and the stories you might have heard... they are absolutely true 💯

Revenge Doesn’t Sleep is self-explanatory, so keep that in mind if you ever fucked someone over...

Souls In The Soul actually comes from a sad place. I was working in Newark, NJ. We were deep in the hood for 3 days on a job with a cop present each day. But there were kids going to school every day with no cops or protection in a legit crime area with shootings and drugs. This was the basis for this song. It really struck me and I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to wake up every day not knowing if I was gonna get to school that day or out of that environment at all.

Taste The Steel is a throwback to our first demo from 1994. It was the third song we ever wrote which is about gun violence.

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