Track By Tracks: Overhead - Telepathic Minds (2023)

1. War To End All Wars:

The opening track and the second single from the album. The main theme is like an anthem and it's contrasted by ballad-like verses and a big majestic chorus. The song has a more stripped-down and atmospheric middle part where the flute and the vocals come close to the listener. This is followed by adventurous instrumental parts with solos for keyboards and the guitar. We're really happy with this song, everything just seemed to fall into the right place.

2. Ghosts From The Future:

i) Endless Sleep
ii) Last Chance To Bail

The track begins with a cool synth intro by Jere. The song is seamlessly divided into two parts and they both alternate between atmospheric verses and big majestic choruses. Overhead is all about contrasts. Last Chance To Bail features also some Eastern vibes in the riffs and keyboards and a Spanish guitar-like solo not to mention fantastic vocal melodies and lyrics throughout the whole epic.

3. Sail Across The Universe:

One of the heavier tracks on the album, closing in on prog-metal at times. Accompanying the flute with the heavy guitar riffs makes this song original and sounds like Overhead and nothing else. The middle part with acoustic guitars and very emotional vocals was lyrically inspired by the pandemic which was at its worst at the time of the writing.

4. The Pilot's Not Fit To Fly:

I had some bluesy and even jazzy vibes in mind when I was writing this song. Our rhythm section made it really groovy and it got some 80s vibes in it. This song has a lot of instrumental parts such as a long flute solo and a guitar solo.

5. Sleep Tight Sweetheart:

The last track of the first CD is a psychedelic song with some bluesy guitars again. It reminds me a bit of early Pink Floyd which is Alex's favourite era of them. The chorus brings to mind later day King Crimson for me, I guess because of the guitar and bass parts.

6. Telepathic Minds:

i) Hypnotized
ii) Random Honesty
iii) Telepathic Minds
iv) Back In Time
v) Reprise: Home Again

The epic of the album and the longest track that we've done in years. I started writing it half-seriously as Metaepitome part 2 - Metaepitome being the title track of our second album and favoured by many of our fans. It soon took a life and direction of its own and became its own thing. Being such a long track it has a lot of versatility: melodic rock, atmospheric parts, some space rock vibes, a long David Gilmour / Gary Moore-sounding guitar solo, marvellous vocal parts, you name it.

7. Tuesday That Never Came:

This is the ballad of the album and the only shorter song. Very melodic and the emotional vocals are the key point throughout. I came up with the main clean guitar riff by accident when I was testing a piece of guitar gear. Everything fell into the right place surprisingly easily with this song.

8. Planet Of Disorder:

This track features some heavy guitars and Middle Eastern vibes from the flute and the keyboards. I love the lyrics of this one and the vocal parts during the verses are really interesting rhythmically. The song has a very melodic almost radio-friendly chorus. Again a more stripped-down middle part and some psychedelia in the guitar solo. Lyrically I think the title says it all.

9. Sheep Stay Silent

Another of the heavier track on the album. The main guitar riff sounds a bit like Led Zeppelin's Kashmir, hopefully not too much... The more progressive middle part is like a jam between our drummer Ville and our bass player Janne. Just listen to those guys here, awesome playing!

10. Almost Always Near The End:

We wanted to end the album at least musically on a happier note and this song is it. Lots of great vocal parts and groovy riffs on this one. Towards the end everyone gets a solo spot. The lyrics are inspired by the pandemic and the phenomenon surrounding it.

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