Track By Tracks: Settler - Settler (2023)

1. Smarm Offensive:

Composed amidst the constraints and exasperations of the Covid lockdown, "Smarm Offensive" is a scathing rebuke of the political elite. The song's protagonist, masquerading as a leader, is a shameless and obsequious lackey who serves a higher authority and holds those whom he claims to represent in complete disdain.

2. Captor Logic:

This song delves into the psyche of a man plagued by fear and despair after he glimpses a terrifying prophecy in the stars. This vision depicts a bleak future where those closest to him are the sole survivors on an uninhabitable Earth, with the gates of heaven sealed shut. His only glimmer of hope lies in a special child, a young girl who is being held captive against her will. Driven by his desperation to enter heaven, the man embarks on a perilous mission to rescue the girl. While initially misunderstanding the man’s intentions and perceiving him as a threat, he eventually manages to earn the girl's trust and liberate her from captivity. "Captor Logic" serves as a poignant narrative of one man's journey toward redemption and salvation.

3. Death By Miss Adventure:

This song tells the story of a fallen megastar whose life is tragically derailed by the trappings of fame, drug addiction, and a series of personal and professional failures. In the final throes of his descent into madness, he finds himself holed up in a hotel room, contemplating a final, reckless act. Amidst the wreckage of his past excesses, he reflects on the loved ones he will leave behind, haunted by the regret and sorrow that define his last moments. Adding to his torment, the room itself seems to be possessed by a malevolent spirit, compounding the sense of doom and despair that permeates the tale.

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