Track By Tracks: There's Only One Elvis - The Balance Of Everything (2023)

1. Modus Operandi:

First track on the EP for a reason. This track is a follow up to the feel of Pyrite and just my general frustration of certain people always thinking they know what’s best for you but can’t seem to even keep their own life together.
2. Presence:

If your past was a ghost, would you want to get rid of it or would you want it to always be around? Given the name of the EP, this is my way of coming to grips with my past in all aspects and learning to let go of a lot.
3. Stratera:

A misspelling of the Latin word statera which means balance or scales. If you read the lyrics, you’ll know the meaning of the incorrect spelling and how hard it is the actually be balanced. Nothing seems right enough or something always gets ignored to correct something else.
4. Vestiges:

This is purely a feeling of being raised in the South and having to be around the church in some shape or form almost all of your life. While I’m not religious, it is a huge part of the area that I live in and it’s interesting to see that part not be relevant as much anymore.

At some point in my adult life, I developed a lot of irrational fears about things that never use to bother me. Writing this at least put some of it in a new light and made it easier for me to recognize that part about myself.
6. Sun Massacre:

Purely written about my hatred of the sun. Not to disregard its importance for our planet, but I don’t do well in the heat or in the sun and I’m perfectly fine keeping things that way. Plus, being in the South gives you a whole new hatred for how hot an area can be which will make anyone angry.

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