Track By Tracks: Thymata - Embraced By Death (2023)

1. The Pillars of God:

Musically nothing but pure rage meant to show the listeners that we want your attention. Kostas's use of chants on this one is nothing short of amazing. Lyrically it's pure hate for the church. We despise Christianity and all the wrongdoings of the church. It belittles us and robs us of progress.

2. Screaming Spirits (Lucifer's Light):

First single off the album. Quite a melodic, yet very fast piece of furious metal with a somewhat traditional arrangement including a proper chorus. Kostas makes great use of his voice on this one. Lyrically about spirits lost in limbo. The only one to save them is Lucifer. At the price of their souls.

3. The Nightmare Begins:

Yet another fast one full of rage. Don't let the intro fool you. You'll get plenty of blast beats once it takes off. Lyrically it deals with an orphanage supposed to care for the children, but it does the exact opposite.

4. Abrasions Of Time:

A mid paced (by our standard, that is) melodic track. Lyrically it's about how futile life is. We live for a very short time, tormented by the loss of those who died before us.

5. The Last Walk:

A haunting, pulsating track with a grim mood. A claustrophobic sense of being trapped. The lyrics are about a man's last steps before he is executed.

6. Desert Of Dead Souls:

A heavy track with quite a lot of dynamics. Meant to take the listener on a journey from feeling trapped to being liberated, but ultimately it's all futile and pointless.

The lyrics deal with the sense of feeling held back by other humans who will not let you evolve.

7. Death Will Not Come:

It starts off slow and heavy, dark and brooding. The pace and anger picks up and we are off to the races. Ekay's drums on this one are superb! Quite possibly the angriest track on the album. It oozes hate and despair.

Lyrically about a person locked up in a psychiatric ward where his treatment seems like torture to him.

8. Dragging A Rusty Chain:

This one will raise an eyebrow or two. Fast black metal, sure, but also a salute to Swedish folk music.

The lyrical topic here is about being hunted, tracked down, and swallowed by the darkness.

9. Embraced By Death:

The title track delivers a chilling story about a man frozen to death on a mountain. The track ends with a keyboard part written by Kostas that perfectly summons the sense of being alone on a mountaintop with no chance of ever returning. Quite melodic and the background vocals on this one are epic.

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