Band Biographies: BUZZED & LOADED

Buzzed & Loaded is a Hard Rock Power Trio out of Seattle formed by Buzz Brown (drums), Robert Trosino (guitar/vocals), and Roger Capps (founding member/bassist of Rock n Roll Hall of Famer Pat Benatar) in March of 2021. Buzzed & Loaded released their highly successful debut album Drunken Delusions Volume I & II (a tipsy GnR nod) which was nominated for numerous domestic and international independent music awards and enjoyed positive reviews and interviews in such noted magazines as Powerplay Magazine UK, Metalized, and Rock Hard Italy.

A 2022 lineup change saw the addition of Andy Claus (bass/no relation to Santa) join in time for songwriting and performing for a new album. Fast Cars & Dive Bars offers a wider array of guitar-driven rock, yet sticks to the DIY Garage Rock aesthetic that fans have embraced. The album will be released via Sliptrick Records later in the year.

Buzzed & Loaded is all about partying, double entendres, and avoiding bill collectors. Their lifestyle is all in the name and the band has even hooked up with a local distillery for their own Buzzed & Loaded Whiskey line coming to the world in the Winter of 2023.

Buzzed & Loaded are:
Robert Trosino – Vocals & Guitar
Buzz Brown – Drums
Andy Claus – Bass

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