Band Biographies: Hibermaut

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. Hibernaut arose in a somnambulistic state in 2020 when Dave Jones began writing songs on guitar, a switch from years playing bass in Subrosa, Dwellers, Oxcross, etc. As well as switching to guitar he also began writing lyrics and singing. In 2021 Dave played the songs for his long time friend and bandmate Zach Hatsis (Dwellers, Subrosa, Laughter, etc), who jumped right in and began adding his unique powerful drumming to the songs. Soon after Josh Dupree came in on bass with the thundering low end the band needed and the trio began regular rehersals. Demo recording began that year and they soon asked Joey Toscano (Iota, Dwellers) to fill a sonic void with his blisteringly psychedelic leads, thus, Hibernaut was complete. Recording studio dates were booked with Andy Patterson in 2022 and a week was spent laying down the bones of eleven tracks. In the following months all the extra bits were added and the album was mixed and mastered. The album entitled "Ingress" is the progeny of all the time and work put into Hibernaut. Song writing never stopped and Hibernaut is working on their next album.

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