Behind The Scenes: Einschlog - Find Your Way (Official Video)

We have decided to film our first video for the song Find Your Way which is from our debut album Guts & Glory. The song is about finding your passion, whatever it may be, and following it however hard it can get and no maEer what others tell you.

The protagonist in the video is someone who finally finds what he wants to do in life, in his case, making art sculptures. He breaks into a workshop because he doesn't have his own and starts expressing himself through art, doing what he wants and how he wants it. At the end of the video, when he finishes his sculpture, the owner of the workshop catches him. The story in the video is also very similar to what happens to us in real life, especially when it comes to arKsts who don't follow the rules. You try to find your voice and your way and others, we could also say the system, tries to shut you up.

We've used studio recordings of the song in the video, which was recorded by Tilen Sapac from Homeland ProducKons. The music, lyrics, and arrangement were made by the band. The video was directed and produced by Joze Glazar and filmed by Joze and Timotej Glazar.

A behind-the-scenes anecdote – when we were filming, the actor playing the arKst unintenKonally cut himself, which we decided to put in the video. But in Slovenia we have a strong belief that when someone hurts himself, especially in cases like this, when you are bleeding, you have to disinfect not only your wound but yourself from the inside as well – which basically translates to drinking the same hard liquor that you disinfect your wound with. Because we had to repeat the scene several Kmes, the actor ended up drunk, but luckily, it was filmed as a last scene.

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