Track By Tracks: Forged In Black - Lightning In The Ashes (2023)

1. Be One with Fire:

The lyrical idea for this track was based on the idea of mankind’s continual lust for fire and bloodshed. This was the last song written for the album and was a real collaborative effort. We were aiming to compose a tight 3-to-4-minute song that contained all the key elements of the band. After a quick drum fill, the song bursts into an up-tempo pace with a good mix of crunching riffs and melodic passages.

2. Lightning in the Ashes:

The lyrical theme for this track is being caught in the eye of an electrical storm. The title of the track seemed pretty powerful and was the obvious choice for the name of the album. Andy and Stoz were instrumental in putting this one together and it was something a bit different for us. The song is based around a huge groovy riff which gives way to an open chorus of dueling clean and growled vocals.

3. Duskbreather:

The lyrical theme of this track is celebrating those who seek pleasure in the night, venturing out at dusk until the sun rises again.

This was a track from Kieron, composed during the lockdown. A doom-laden introduction and thrash-inspired verse cascade into an inspired Andy guitar melody and Stoz’s soaring vocals for an epic chorus.

4. Dark Lord Requiem:

The lyrical theme of this song stems from being a tribute to legendary producer Chris “Dark Lord” Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Black Sabbath). We worked with Chris on our EPs “Fear reflecting fear” and “Sinner Sanctorum” before he sadly passed away in 2018. The lyrics contain some nods to projects he worked on in his life.

This track gave our progressive side a chance to flourish. Kev’s Military style snare accents open the track and we soon get into a frantic middle section which leads back into Stoz’s commemorative chorus.

5. War Torn Skull:

The lyrical theme for this track is loosely based around the Battle of Hastings and Harold taking his eye off the ball, or arrow if you will.

Andy brought this track to the band, opening the song with some classical guitar before setting us off on a powerhouse of a thrashing piece with huge breakdowns sprinkled in for good measure.

6. Chains of the Damned:

The lyrical theme for this track deals with being a prisoner and our feelings of being imprisoned by damning chains and an urge to be free.

This track had the most unique writing process. Kev mapped a track of different drum ideas which we then used to build riffs, chord progressions, and unique transitions.

The song was a bit of an experiment but we thought all the different elements combined to make a monster of a track.

7. Building a Beast:

The lyrical theme of this song deals with balancing on the edge of paranoia, mental health, and creating beasts in our minds that may not be there after all.

A piece based around some classical motifs; this one has a ton of frenetic energy from verse to chorus. The track keeps the momentum until we slow down into an eerie middle section of harmonies and devastating riffs.

8. Brother's Keeper:

The lyrical theme of this track is loosely based on the story of brothers Caine and Able: one brother’s jealousy leads to murder.

A big build of an introduction gives way to a huge Stoz scream which sets us off on a ride of chugging riffs, rapid solos, and galloping rhythms. This was the first song we wrote for the album and once completed we knew had a great foundation on which to build.

9. Hellucinator:

Lyrically, Hellucinator deals with misinformation and force-fed doom and gloom which is beamed straight into our living spaces 24 hours a day.

Powerful driving riffs dominate the track until we reach the brutal breakdown and ripping solo section. The musical mayhem mirrors Stoz’s vision of our often-dystopian world.

10. Detonation Ritual:

The lyrical idea of this track deals with the fear of nuclear war and a new technological religion where the converted worship the nuclear Overlord.

Andy’s classical influence comes back for the final track of the album. The piano-led intro leads into a barrage of riffs, tribal drumming, and a vicious middle section.

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