Track By Tracks: Post Luctum - The Indifference Of Time: I (2023)

1. In Avoidance is very much a monolithic death/doom, almost funeral doom-styled song. It's about facing the beginning of the end. Facing the reality that the person that has made you feel complete is possibly leaving forever unexpectedly and without warning due to tragedy, and asks the question of what's the difference between being selfish or selfless in those final moments.

2. The Pain of Hope is what I would say is a death doom song with points of melodic death metal and ends on a funeral doomy tone. Lyrically it is more showing the balance of having hope but also tempering that hope because of the uncertain nature of tragic situations and reflecting on the worst-case scenario.

3. Don't Fear the Fading Light is very much a melodic death metal song and through. Lyrically it's about looking back on all the positives and great times that were had and wishing you could be back to those times again and properly cherish them.

4. When Mourning Comes is a more somber death doom track and is about realizing the worst has come and is now a reality. It touches on the point in this story that the protagonist will be in isolation and is preparing to feel lost and alone.

5. Moment of Silence is an instrumental. It has guitars swirling and playing off and against each other representing the disorienting flood of thoughts and hopelessness of receiving the devastating news of a loved one passing.

6. Eternally Quiet is closer to being a funeral doom-styled track. Lyrically it's about the heavy topic of the love of your life passing away, how you yourself feel the most important part of you has left, and are left behind to wallow in mourning, and not knowing if or when that feeling will ever go away.

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