Behind The Artworks: Blackest Dawn - Twisted Place (2023)

Chris Rafalowich (Blackest Dawn vocalist): I knew Juan was who I wanted on the art based on the See Through You work he’d done. First, we were gonna go scary and serious, and then decided, to screw it. Let’s have us all dying or about to die in hilarious ways and make it like a Scooby Doo cartoon. Honestly, I never woulda predicted Juan woulda have done as crazy of a job as he did.

Juan P Rimal - Artist: As Chris mentioned, the band wanted to go with a cartoon "hanna barbera" kinda style. First, we started with a full-body picture of each band member with the clothes they wanted to wear as cartoon characters... made each band member sketch separately. on crazy action poses and wacky face gestures...

Once each sketch was approved I put together the overall scene adding some more details for the background and other elements to fill in spaces...once the overall sketch is approved I start to ink in Photoshop, then added the base colors, the shades, lighting... wrapping up with the title and logo placement. it was a super fun project

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