Behind The Artworks: Sorrow Enthroned - Illicit Infantile Surgical Procedures (2023)

As soon as I started getting songs together for the album, I knew the artwork had to be savage, and push the boundaries as much as possible. Ive always been that way, wanting to take things a step too far, and it shows in the music with this release, both musically and lyrically. I stumbled across Wildan Slam Art on facebook and would always spend some time looking through his artwork (his stuff is all incredible its super gory and good for a heavier slam, brutal death metal, goregrind bands etc.) they are all good, but the one that stuck with me was the baby being dissected, im not sure why maybe because of the graphic detail. I had the majority of the music written but was missing lyrics for a few songs and that’s when it clicked that a pile of rotting babies being dissected had to be the artwork. I actually had to censor it to send to the streaming services, they rejected it twice until I had to basically blur the entire image.

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