Behind The Tracks: Catalyst - Stick To The Plan (Single) (2023)

STICK TO THE PLAN is a stormy and vibrant war song that will take listeners on an intense and immersive journey.

The music was written by Philip, the Lead guitar player, whereas the lyrics were inspired by Benjamin, the bass player and secondary vocalist of the band, who delivers backing vocals with increased conviction on the new album.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine became the main inspiration for the Lyrics. Benjamin:"It sheds light on the question of how much power one person can have in the face of the devastating consequences of their decisions and the suffering it brings. The feeling of powerlessness, solidarity, and incomprehension forms the foundation of this song. Unfortunately, it remains a relevant topic, a conflict whose end we had long hoped to see."

Philip wrote a more direct song where Benjamin and Jeroen aimed to convey a powerful message which is suitable for a powerful song. They want to raise awareness through their Lyrics about the impact of wars and the human experiences that emerge from them. The band tries to address sensitive themes through their musical expression and to touch listeners on a deeper level.

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