Track By Tracks: ARAV KRISHNAN - The Fallen System (2023)

1. Intro:

This track is an ambient introduction to the album, and we intended for it to feel disturbing and foreshadow the intent and emotion around the rest of the album. This song leads directly into You Won't Live To See Tomorrow.

2. You Won't Live To See Tomorrow:

This song acts as a warning to civilization as to what could happen, foreshadowing the element of dystopia and horror that resides throughout the record.

3. Rebel Without A Cause:

This song is a warning about the increasing fragility of the human race and how people behave, which ties into the theme of Dystopia building throughout the record.

4. Fame 15 Minutes Long:

This song is about how people would do anything just for 15 minutes of fame, and how society eats it up, and how it's a warning of bad things to come.

5. Hidden Agenda:

This song is about how the general public in the future is fed lies in a vicious cycle that transforms into Dystopia.

6. Digital Invasion:

This song is about how the rise of technology and Artificial Intelligence can go wrong and result in technological warfare in the Dystopian setting of a future world.

7. First of Steel:

In the future Dystopian world, this song outlines how the elites crush the hope and life out of their citizens, resulting in a dark and terror-filled existence.

8. The Fallen System:

This song takes a broader view of the entire collapse of the system into failure and Dystopia

9. Despondent:

This song takes a sombre and reflective glance at what society has been reduced to, leaning on a depressive and almost suicidal tone.

10. Aftermath:

The final track on the record, this song rues what society has fallen to, and has an air of aggression and mourning.

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