Track By Tracks: Catharsis - I (2023)

The opening track ‘As The Crow Flies’ deals with the issue of fear of failure and inability to proceed with one’s life. But also with the realization that one can achieve more. It was written by one of the former singers but it matched my own life so well that I decided to keep it. I love the intensity of the track with the hard & harsh opening. We put a little joke in front of it so that people would turn the volume way up to hear what I’m whispering…check it out, it will blow your mind…. And speakers, haha.

2nd Track ‘Pro Patria Mori’ is about the absurdity of war. This was the first song the guys sent to me to audition for the band. I had just watched a Worl War1 movie and the lyrics just fell out of my brain. The fact that young men just climbed over the top almost straight into a certain death just baffles me.

so Glorious it is to die for one country…but is it really?

‘Squidnunc’ was inspired by an event that happened between my wife and her friends. Gossip and lies of the worst kind that almost resulted in us heading for a divorce. One of those so-called friends had her split tongue in every conversation causing all kinds of mischief. This resulted in everybody fighting amongst each other while she was the innocent goodie two shoes.

I had the idea of a squid with its tentacles destroying everything. When I look up a matching word for that idea I came to ‘quid nunc’ : A person eager to learn news and scandal, a busybody. So I added the S for dramatic effect.

The last Track on ‘I’ is ‘Cauchemar’. French for a nightmare. This song handles about nightmares and imagining to have the power to control them. I love the middle instrumental part of this song almost gives you an eerie dance with the death kinda feel.

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