Track By Tracks: Dark Elite - Anti​-​Spiritual Void Devotion (2023)

1. Forever Dwelling Nothingness:

Words entangled through the minds of the masses.
Earth as an altar of their failure.

Oh, we can’t wait to dive into death, the rebellion of hopeless lives.

2. Alla tähtien:

Song in Finnish. Basically, it tells about how mankind tries to find/achieve something that simply is not there and in the end will be forgotten in a huge time scale of the universe.

3. Anti-spiritual void devotion:

Hopelessness. In the end, we ascend or descend into the void. So why not embrace it. You don’t need spirituality to reach the nothingness of death.

4. Mankind is Fucking Disgusting:

Well, the title is strong. Mankind just makes me sick. Consuming everything and spreading like cancer.

“Countless mouths
Countless filthy mouths
Devouring, oh world destroyer
Creator of gods, creator of lies
Praying in starvation”

5. Crown for the Dying Kind:

Some sort of toughs about how mankind once was. On topic wise this is like the bastard of the previous song.

6. Dead is the World, I am Death:

This song tells a story about how you want to thrive and exist with purpose. But in the end there I just die. A long time ago the son of stars lost its path.

7. This Curse Called Life and Hope:

I feel disgusting for being a human being.

8. Mass for the End of The World:

Destroying this world as a part of the massive ritual of death. Man is the evillest life form on this planet.

9. Devoid of Flesh and Spirit:

This song ends the album in the highest of climax. More “spiritual” and ritualistic-styled songs. I think this is the experimental side of this album. In the end, I really like how it came out.

You can use your imagination when listening and reading the lyrics.

“Brightest one, holy mother and her snakes
Caged in dying flesh, under the blanket of scars
Divinity of death
Divinity is dead 
 Dweller of the deep above 
 Light beyond creation“

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