Track By Tracks: Logical Terror - Sides Of The Unknown (2023)

1. The Final Nightmare:

Inspired by the sixth film in the “A Nightmare On Elm Street” franchise, Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, the new dark novel released by modern metal band Logical Terror is a tribute to one of the horror masterpieces best successful in the years.

2. Multiverse Of Madness:

A soul’s journey across the land of illusions, inhuman emotions experienced during astral projections, and false lies from other worlds.

3. Sides Of The Unknown:

Ancient myths about the other world include crossing various rivers in the afterlife and walking down the endless path to comprehending who we really are.

4. Down The Drain:

Rhythmic nu-metal steps and industrial fragments conjure up sci-fi scenarios such as the Matrix. Your downfall into the darkest drain has just begun, play by the rules to survive.

5. Sold.W.Hudson:

Wild self-destructive games can make you feel breathless, and hunted by fears into chaotic lucid dreams that slowly eat you alive.

6. Time Zone:

Paralyzed and semiconscious just enough to understand that we are living a nightmare, but we are unable to react and break the dark spell of our mind.

7. Everlasting Darkness:

Lost in a crumbling landscape, we dance with the shadows of destruction inside a maze, repeating the part until the end…There’s no way out of there.

8. Not A Part Of This:

Realize to be trapped in a lie where you’re the sinner but there’s no God will save you…Signed a deal with the devil, why do you claim mercy for the pain now?

9. Dreamscape:

The craziest thing of all is when you feel like a foolish clown at the psycho circus, abandoned in the oblivion of hell, looking for a path to find the way for redemption and salvation of your dirty soul.

10. The Animal With Thousand Eyes:

Dreaming about a peacock could denote that too much pride and too much vanity push the dreamer to frequently fall into the same mistakes.

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