Band Biographies: Monkey Intrusion

Monkey Intrusion is an independent rock band based in Trieste, North East of Italy. Their music is a melting of genres influenced by the different backgrounds of band members. The project started in the summer of 2013 from the ashes of a previous band formed by Marco Plesnicar (bass), Vincenzo Reina (guitars, voice), and Enrico Goti (voice, guitars). They started to develop their own music in a slow process due mainly to the changes in the drumkit until finally, Marco Bertoli (drums) joined the group in 2021. His presence provided the stability and sound needed to take the next step…entering a recording studio. The Album was recorded in 2022 at Jork Studios ( Dekani, one of the most relevant in Slovenia. The result is a journey through the emotions, observations, and sometimes fears of a dystopic society where the music shifts in genres to underscore what the lyrics portray.

At present, they have released 4 singles – The Brighter Side, Fire Dancer, Life, and Police of the Soul – while the full Album is due for the coming Autumn.

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