Behind The Artworks: Dreamfall - Element Of Fate (Single) (2023)

Carol: As a visual artist, every artwork I craft for Element of Fate offers a unique visual representation for each song we produce. For our single releases, I envisioned clean, stylish graphic designs. 'Dream Fall' mirrors my journey as an artist, echoing the internal battles I confront in my creative endeavors. The eye in the logo holds special significance. Often seen as windows to the soul, eyes embody truth, clarity, and insight, symbolizing self-awareness and enlightenment.

The eye sheds tears, reflecting the difficulties and challenges we frequently face. The keyhole in the pupil illustrates how we often lock our minds down with negative thoughts, shutting out opportunities (closing doors), especially during moments of self-doubt and despair. 'Dream Fall' serves as a reminder to have faith in ourselves and pursue our dreams and desires, regardless of the obstacles in our path.

I carefully selected a blend of purple, blue, and gold for the color scheme. While purple and gold harmoniously contrast as color wheel opposites, they also hold deeper meanings. Gold symbolizes overcoming challenges, while purple captures pride and ambition in chasing our dreams. Blue complements the mix, symbolizing hope, trust, and vulnerability, but also mirroring emotional fragility and anxiety. Together, these colors capture the spirit of our song 'Dream Fall.

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