Behind The Artworks: Náttligr - Ravatal (2023)

Most of the songs on the album deal with death in one way or another and, taking that as artistic inspiration, the cover art foregrounds a funeral procession lumbering slowly along a winding path. Black, heavy clouds close in upon a sickly yellowish sky that reveals the facade of Nidarosdomen - the same cathedral that you can find on the cover of Mayhem's De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas - our way of paying homage both to our home city of Trondheim and to the black metal scene here in Norway in the 90s. The perspective of this original watercolor painting is equally fitting as it recalls the late gothic period in which the cathedral was completed. One of the pallbearers turns to face the viewer; it is the Grim Reaper himself helping to carry the soul of the dead.

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