Behind The Scenes: HEAVY LUNGS - Head Tilter (Official Video)

The track comes with an official video produced and directed by the band themselves, who took their inner demon for a fun day and night out on the shoot. Inspired by the second verse lyric ‘my head's so big I can feel it tilt’ the band came up with the idea of building an exaggerated, oversized head to represent the worst possible version of yourself, using animator Joe Cappa’s visuals in the movie Frank as a jumping off point.
“The head was built by our good friend and collaborator Rosie Lea, who's also the cover star of our upcoming album,” say the band of the concept. “We decided to shoot the video ourselves so that we could get as close as possible to what was in our heads—pun intended. It was fun and challenging but ultimately rewarding as hell. We shot it all in one fun-filled day that spilled over into the night, when reality became blurred with the video itself.”
“We shot the whole thing on a mounted 360 camera, which came with its own pros and cons. Trying to conceal it without destroying the head or sacrificing the shot was the main issue, but this approach allowed us to create different perspectives and play around with shots to give it a central focus but also an almost nauseous overtone, using one shot to centralise the head and then warping that perspective later to change the environment into a vertigo-inducing stream of nonsense. Forget the Mattel cinematic universe and immerse yourself in the HeavyLungsverse!”

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