Behind The Scenes: Pride In Pieces - SURVIVAL (Official Video)

Pride In Pieces - "SURVIVAL" - a song about the delicate balance of life and death, and the dichotomy therein. From the beginning, an angelic and ethereal pronouncement, which slowly fades into the harsh reality of death - realized by the heavy guitar riff. It's also a song about resilience, and finding your inner strength to survive in a world that makes us want to not want to continue. The opening lyric - "Rise inside, it's your only chance of survival" sets the tone from the moment the screams begin.

What makes "SURVIVAL" even more remarkable is Pride In Piece's innovative approach to collaboration. In an era where physical meetings and studio sessions are often hindered, the band harnessed the power of online collaboration to create this song. Through video calls, file sharing, and virtual jamming sessions, they managed to bridge the geographical gaps that separated them. This collaborative effort not only reflects the band's commitment to their craft but also highlights the possibilities that technology offers in the realm of music creation.

The song is available in DOLBY ATMOS on available streaming platforms and was mixed and mastered by Brad Smalling of Evergroove Studios. The video footage was all filmed separately, and at half the speed of the song, making for some very interesting takes. Director Jeremy Stegman was able to create an amazing video from our disparate footage. 

We hope it inspires you to go out and grab life by the horns. Find your reason to SURVIVE!

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