Behind The Scenes: WIZARDS OF WIZNAN - Absolute Void (Official Video)

Absolute Void is a composition that delves into the dark corners of the human experience, exploring the emptiness left by depression through emotionally charged lyrics and melodies. The lyrics express the sense of emptiness that often accompanies depression. The words reflect inner pain, solitude, and the desire to escape from this void. The melodies of Absolute Void are an emotional journey in themselves. Minor chords and tonal variations create a melancholic atmosphere that resonates with the dark theme of the song. The shifts in music intensity highlight the fluctuations of the emotional experience.

The single is accompanied by a music video that adds a powerful visual dimension to the song, amplifying its message. The choice to place a character in vast mountains symbolizes the feeling of emptiness associated with depression. The character lost in these mountains also represents the isolation that depression can generate. The quest to find meaning or an escape from this hostile environment reflects the struggle to break free from depression. The beautiful landscapes contrast with the dark emotions of the song. The combination of the lyrics, moving melodies, and imagery allows the song to serve as a vehicle for expressing complex and often difficult-to-describe emotions.

This song stems from a collaborative process of musical composition. During our rehearsals, each of the musicians contributed, offering variations, arrangements, and ideas to enrich the composition. It's during these rehearsals that we shape our sound, working together to strike a balance between power and subtlety, heavy riffs and atmospheric melodies. Moreover, Absolute Void is rooted in a blend of different musical influences, including doom, sludge, and black metal. These genres converge to form a unique sound that defines our musical identity. By blending these influences, we craft a piece that presents a sound that is both raw and intense, yet also capable of embracing the gentleness of atmospheric melodies. It's this combination of weightiness, aggression, and moments of contemplation that characterizes our musical approach. We strive to create an immersive sonic experience, where listeners are transported into a realm of deep and dark emotions.

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