Behind The Tracks: Flavien - Le Chant Du Fer (Single) (2023)

When it comes to capturing the essence of a medieval battle through the medium of music, few do it as vividly as the artists behind the latest single "Le Chant du Fer." From the epic and energetic composition to the lively and metallic percussion, the entire process was steeped in history, creativity, and chivalry. Let's delve into the making of this magnificent creation.

The creative process for "Le Chant du Fer" began with a vision for a medieval battle. The lyrics, penned by Flavien Peteul, inspired Christophe Voisin-Boisvinet to craft the music, creating a perfect blend of epic, energetic, and dramatic elements.

The inspiration didn't stop at the music. A corresponding video was created to immerse the viewer into the medieval battle, an experience akin to a time-traveling journey.

The single mixes spirituality, heroism, courage, and mastery of weapons and arts, embodying values from the chivalrous spirit. These timeless virtues resonated with the creators, who wanted to highlight them through this piece, drawing inspiration from historical European martial arts and medieval fencing masters like Hans Talhoffer and Fiore dei Liberi.

Recording in a troglodyte studio in Trôo, France, the team found inspiration in the history of the village. Working with professionals like Adrien Thore and musicians like Aliocha Regnard (nickelharpa) and Marti Ilmar UIbo (drums) made the experience both artistically fulfilling and humanly engaging.

An amusing incident during the recording of percussion—featuring car keys, mounting brackets, and other metallic objects—added a touch of humor and creativity to the process.

For Flavien Peteul, the use of French in the chorus was particularly meaningful as it marked the first time the native language was used in the elvish and epic songs. This, combined with the universal appeal of Tolkien's Quenya language, created a connection with both French-speaking audiences and Tolkien fans around the world.

As an evolution in the band's discography, this release pays tribute to French language and culture, while testing new promotional methods and reaching a broader audience.

The hope is that fans will connect with the unique subject matter and imaginative journey, transporting them to another era, another universe, as if time had stopped in the middle of a battle scene!

The chorus, with its evocative line “Hear the sound of axes and iron, which sings the anger of sons and their fathers,” has become a favorite passage. The military and lively percussion adds strength and courage, embodying the spirit of the battle.

The memorable experience of recording the percussion, with mounting brackets moving rhythmically before falling, only to be expertly continued by Marti, showcased concentration, confidence, and success.

"Le Chant du Fer" is more than just a song; it is an artistic experience that transports listeners into the world of medieval battles, chivalrous virtues, and linguistic innovation. A blend of history, imagination, and creativity, it stands as a testament to the team's passion, talent, and dedication to their craft.

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