Behind The Tracks: Mars Addict - The Vast Of Night (Single) (2023)

I was watching the movie The Vast of Night, I had not heard about the movie yet, so I did not have high expectations. I really like movies about UFOs and the 1950s, so it only took a few minutes of watching to know that I would love this one.

Throughout the movie and the brilliant dialogue, many phrases caught my attention and I soon realized that they would sound good in a song, like when the character Fay asks an old man if he has ever heard the phrase "Bacon, bacon 940." And so the first verse of the song was born. The rest of the lyrics were built with dialogues from the movie and my own feelings in order to build a narrative.

I started working on the melody before I had all the lyrics, in reality, I only had the first sentence and the main riff that I strummed while watching the movie. I wanted a riff that sounded strange. The whole song was made in this way, trying to balance the feeling of having something strange in the air with the feeling of comfort, like having a milkshake on a hot night. Mixing fast riffs in a minor key with happier melodies in a major key.

I recorded a demo of all this and showed it to the rest of the band who liked the song immediately, and then we worked on the details until we reached the final result which we are very proud of.

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