Behind The Tracks: Our Frankenstein - Illuminate (Single) (2023)

It had been some time since I was in a studio environment with Brenton Fergeson which whom is a long-time collaborator of Our Frankenstein and the sole member of the shoe gaze project, Blood Pact. In the past we both had written some of the best Frankenstein material together so it was a no brainer when it came time to create a new song. It was a very common thing for Brenton to send me little instrumental samples that he had created from time to time. Sometimes they are ideas for Our Frankenstein and sometimes they are ideas for our other band, Fables. When he had sent me the intro portion to what would be ‘Illuminate’ my imagination caught on fire! I knew exactly what I wanted to write and say. If I remember correctly, I’m pretty sure Brenton finished demoing out the song that night after I told him how much I loved the sonic direction of the music. Shortly after that creative explosion I headed to Brenton’s home studio where I recorded all the vocal parts. It was a fairly quick session because the song was already done and recorded in my head. I knew exactly how I wanted it to sound and I was very confident in my vocal delivery…which isn’t always very common. Over the years Brenton and I have developed a very strong working relationship so that now it always seems like we are on the same page. That makes a huge difference to me when I’m in the studio. It allows me to loosen up and get into character a little bit. All in all it was a very organic process creating ‘Illuminate’. If you boil it all down the song is actually about hope. Allowing yourself to have hope and faith in your own abilities. This is probably our most positive song to date ironically enough.

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