Behind The Tracks: Sixty Miles Down - She Burns (Single) (2023)

She Burns is about a girl stalking the singer of her favorite local band. She bumps into him in the street and pretends it’s an accident. She invites him back to her place and when he’s not looking she knocks him out from behind. He wakes up tied to a chair. She plays one of his songs and holds a microphone up to his face so he can sing to her but he’s too dizzy and in too much pain. She gets frustrated and finishes him off with a final blow to the head. That’s what the artwork shows. We just shot a video for the song with our good friend Marc Petrick. He did our last 2 videos, Gotta Get Out and The Fear Is Real. He’s a really talented guy and so easy to work with. The video is going to be really cool.

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