Track By Tracks: Dismal Crux - The Hope Of Things To Come (2023)

1. As Above So Below: 

Just an instrumental intro to the album, setting the mood for the next song.

2. Fall of the Watchers: 

Sludgy song, about the Jewish/Christian genesis of demons.

3. Shadow Bringer:

This one was inspired by the Cro-Mags, even though it ended up sounding nothing like it.

4. Revenant:

One of the first songs I wrote for the album, Inspired by the Book “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman.

5. Scion of the Lords: 

About the heir of a lord whom after the father's death, the other vassal lords want to kill to steal the title.

6. Bezoar of Hate:

The existential song of the album is about letting hostility accumulate within you without releasing it gradually and creating a monster inside you, which at one point can explode with unknowable consequences.

7. Mark of the Dark:

There's some sense of humor in this song, it doesn't mean to be really serious, but more like a fun listen, really.

8. Netzagh:

About sex and magic.

9.Smitin' th' Wicked':

Another silly song and with a silly intro, but I find it fun to listen to.

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