Track By Tracks: Far Beyond - The Moment Of Creation (2023)

Concept of the album Our conceptual album. Which talks about trauma and how to overcome it all. The inner struggles of man. Good and bad. Every person has a moment that creates his/hers personality. The moment of creation!
Behind the songs


For the start of our album, we decided to open with Trust. It’s a melancholic intro that leads to some powerful vocals. It’s about difficult periods in our lives where emotions burn us out. The feeling you have after something slaps you in the face and what the unfiltered emotion does in your heart and gut.

2. Fast forward:

For our second song, we chose fast forward. The way out of difficult times is different for everyone. In the end, there is no guide to escape hard times, not one solution that works for everyone. And in the end, you have to jump into the deep in order to tackle the misery you have even though you really want to press that fast-forward button.


Like Afterworld further, in the list, only this one takes us away from the earth for real, or does it. On January 28, 1986, the Space Shuttle Challenger broke apart 73 seconds into its flight, killing all seven crew members aboard. A bit cynical but even when you follow your dreams it’s not always greeted with success. Which takes us to the next song.

4. Watch you bleed:

Domestic violence is seen in the eyes of a kid. Powerless and broken. Wanting to help but you can't do anything because you're too young to stop it.

As you grow older you want to take that control back and swear yourself to never let it happen again by any means necessary!


Learning to feel and love again. But in order to do that you need to get rid of your dark passenger. Confront the demons in you and heal yourself in the process. Why the title Winter? Confront the storm in you!

6. Alternate:

This is the concept of our album in just one song. A bit of a double meaning the first being. Thinking you're stuck and yet there is always light at the end of the tunnel. There is always room to reverse your own mindset even though you think it isn't possible. The second reason is also about the band's dream to hit awesome stages and make it happen in the music industry. The way towards it and never letting that dream go no matter what!

7. Afterworld:

This one takes us away from this planet emotionally. Escapism from everything.

Through music, drugs, alcohol, etc Problems can be unbearable and everyone has his way of coping. The other side resembles the will to die but in the end, you have to go on in order to create your own heaven on earth. No matter how hard times get.


This one's a bit of a middle finger toward the control in our society driven by madmen. An anti-war song. A bit inspired by 1940's The great dictator and how relevant it still is today. Men are driven by greed and power. The public is being used as sheep. There is also a reference to the Oppenheimer speech. The creator of the atomic bomb.

9. Vice:

On to the ninth song of the album.

This shows us that hard times are necessary to make the good times better. Nothing is for free in this world. A bit like the quote no pain no gain! Acceptance leads to solutions so grip it tight with a vice and don't lose your grip.

10. Worst in me:

The temporary working title for Worst in Me was originally called Rock the Cradle. It's a bit of a lyrical prequel to Area 51, the next song. After every step forward a giant leap backwards. The whole process brought out the worst in me. Seeing suffering from a close hand tends to do that with a man.

11. Area 51:

It's a bit difficult to talk about this one because it's a really personal song for our vocalist. All hopes and dreams were shattered after the loss of his first child. She was born with a narrow aorta and a heart chamber that was too small. She lived for a month and a half. It brought him a lot of pain, which can be heard in the lyrics and the tone of the song. In the beginning, he alienated himself from everything. Therefore we saw Area 51 as a fitting title.

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