Track By Tracks: INDOMINION - K I N E T I C / P S Y C H L E S (Singles) (2023)

The track 'Psychles' revolves around an individual who comes to the realization that they are trapped in cycles or routines that imprison them. As they further awaken, they see the duality and decay in everything around them externally. It is about a struggle with existentialism and letting go of yourself and the weight of your identity so that you can grow and change with the universe.

'Kinetic' is at face value the story of a comet that follows an elliptical orbit into deep space and returns to our solar system to either be eaten by the sun or slung back into deep space to witness the cosmos further evolve. On a deeper level, it also ties into ideas of existence and being stuck in an orbit or rotation for billions of years. I find that perspective both fascinating and horrifying at the same time.

Both songs share a similar idea but from different perspectives. They both come from the idea of the individual having no control of their reality or being driftwood in the river of time. The next track 'Volition' will operate from the idea of finding the steering wheel and taking control of one's fate.

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