Track By Tracks: Lava Invocator - Signs Of Apocalypse (2023)

“Signs Of Apocalypse” is the second full-length album of Lava Invocator. It contains 8 tracks of aggressive, evil, melodic black/death metal.

The album starts with a track called “Dark Winter Night", which contains chronicles and real speeches of the first days of the full-scale invasion, it’s a very profound and emotional track. Whilst, the next track “Welcome To Hell” it’s a powerful punch to the invader's faces, very angry, brutal, and devastating! Next track “Psycho-Terror Worldwide” is about the pandemic events that are a sign of the Apocalypse as well. The song is about the Worldwide effect of the pandemia.

“Blood War Hate” is another bunch of punches to the occupant's faces. The fast, brutal, and melancholic story about the war. “Lava Magma Earthquakes” go deeper into chaos. Avant-garde, progressive riffs create an atmosphere of total destruction, the sound is brutal and chaotic.

“Satan Is Here, Hell On Earth”.. it’s an image of an experience of a person who is stuck on the battlefield. He sees ruins, burnt trees, explosions, and twisted bodies around. He feels how fire burns, he feels the real hell, here on Earth...

And the album finishes with a doomy and melodic track “A Spark of Hope”. It is a melancholic instrumental that brings a ray of light and hope.

“Signs Of Apocalypse” is the album about the pain and blood of war, written under raid alarms and missile attacks. The album is an aggressive and melodic statement, it’s the war experience passed through music and visions.

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