Track By Tracks: Sinnery - Below The Summit (2023)

The EP as a whole:

Below The Summit is a very fast-paced piece of music where a lot is happening all at once. It’s a journey further into our minds. The music and lyrics are about puking out exactly what we feel in the most authentic and exaggerated way we can so the listener will really feel the intensity. These are strange times to be alive in and there’s a lot going on inside each and every one of us, and such is the record, a very human experience.

Track by Track:

1. Somber:

Somber was the first song we wrote for the EP we wanted a ferocious song combining everything we knew how to play until that point in time.

Musically it’s probably one of the fastest, heaviest tracks we ever did.

Lyrically it’s about growing out of the dirt that is life. Prioritizing ourselves and dealing with our toughest issues. we knew our next record would begin with the words “ It feels like burying your mother” cuz we knew that we wanted people to feel the intensity of the subject from the get-go.

2. An Ode:

The melodic An Ode was a cool song to write we tried to grow out of our usual patterns and boxes and find some things that we didn’t do on our last record Black Bile.

Musically it’s a thrashy song with a very cool chorus.

Lyrically it’s about not being worthy of a romantic relationship because of choosing your own best interest. A true story we had.

4. Share This:

We started writing the EP when Covid started so we’re all left with just Social media to keep us connected with everyone outside our home.

It’s a song about losing touch with what matters about reality for the sake of technological progress and how we numb ourselves to those things we are fed through social media.

Musically we tried to get heavier than ever with some new school thrashy

Verses and intense courses lead to a very heavy breakdown mid-song.

This song always gets some extra energy in the room when we play it live.

5. Serene:

Somber and Serene both share a message looked upon from two points of view. Somber we deliver our problems in a very chaotic and gruesome way only to find the power in it to solve it.

Serene is more about dwelling in those problems. These two songs together are an example of how one day we can go full throttle on our problems trying to solve and grow out of them and some days we are just stuck in our own heads.

Musically this song is very melodic and different from anything we ever did.

It has those verses where we feel like we explode rhythmically with the music following the vocal lines. The chorus we felt was very catchy because of the melodic classical line and the vocal parts on top of it. We are super excited to release that song and expose a different side of Sinnery to our fans.

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