Behind The Tracks: Little King - Silver Tongue (Single) (2023)

“Slinging Silver over you…”

Indeed, I’ve been running my mouth on a mic for 25-plus years with Little King. In celebration of that “milestone,” I thought it appropriate to bring the guys together to cut a song that would encapsulate much of that time both musically, and lyrically. In fact, the word “Silver”‘in the title alludes to our 25th (Silver) Anniversary.

The lyrics are sort of a reflection of what my journey as an artist and bandleader has looked like since 1997. In addition, I wanted to keep an eye to the future, as there is “so much more to do” as an artist, father, son, and member of the human race. There have been so many ups and downs, and I’ve been tempted to totally quit a good many times. The lyrics and music reflect that push and pull, and I think the track ends triumphantly (and, as always, with a little humor.)

For the LK nerds, I even referenced every previous album in the bridge:

Summit = Transmountain
Timing = time extension
Viral = virus divine
Fool = legacy of fools
Overdriven = OD1
Foiled = Occam’s Foil
In the Queue = amuse de q

Musically, it felt important to pull elements from each album into the general feel. I’m not recycling riffs; that’s the ultimate no/no! But I feel that there is some of the old-school aggression of the TIME EXTENSION album, a lot of dynamics, a la AMUSE DE Q, and the grittiness of OCCAM’S FOIL. Overall, I’m pleased with the results…but perhaps we should have called it “Kitchen Sink”?

Anyhoo, hope you all dig it, and we will see you in the audience in October. As always, stay tuned to for all the latest show info, new release info, and your horoscope.

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