Behind The Tracks: Invading Chapel - The Sculptures Bleed (Single) (2023)

Invading the Chapels takes us on a journey behind the scenes of their track, "The Sculptures Bleed," offering a deeper look into their creative process and the inspiration that underpins this captivating piece.

Band member Loïc reveals that the genesis of "The Sculptures Bleed" came from a simple guitar intro riff which then snowballed into the full song we hear today. The track reflects nostalgia for ancient times, viewed through the lens of present-day wounds inflicted on historical monuments, a poignant metaphor for the passage of time. The song's creative process is a testament to Loïc's multi-faceted musical talents, as he dons the hats of vocalist, bassist, guitarist, and keyboardist. This independence in creation is something he's honed over years of work, finding the process both natural and organized.

The creation of the song was a truly collaborative effort, with drummer Jim D playing a pivotal role. Jim's drums were the bedrock on which the song was built, his contributions shaping the final sound and giving "The Sculptures Bleed" its distinctive pulse.

"The Sculptures Bleed" heralds a new direction for Invading the Chapels, blending heavy rock elements with a gothic touch, hinting at the 90s era of Gothic Metal. The music video, produced by Cécile Delpoïo, enhances the song's narrative with her artistic sensitivity and professional execution, bringing Loïc's imagery and ideas to life.

Creating "The Sculptures Bleed" was not without its challenges. Loïc notes the development of a deeper guitar sound than their previous work, a detail indicative of the band's evolution. However, the songwriting and recording process proved to be rewarding.

As for the impact on listeners, Loïc hopes the track serves as a musical canvas for personal interpretation. While the music is an outlet for his own creativity and emotions, he encourages listeners to find their own meaning in "The Sculptures Bleed," underlining the universal appeal of Invading the Chapels' music.

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